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Alan Pruitt, CPA


Alan Pruitt is the CEO of Pruitt Prep CPA.

From an early age, Alan witnessed a passion for taxes and small business, as his parents owned their own Accounting Firm, TAC Accounting, which was named after his siblings and himself: Tammoria, Alan, and Craig Jr. Alan's Dad, Craig Alan Sr., taught him how to complete and file tax returns while he was in High School at Klein Forest in Houston, Texas. After graduating with his MBA, he earned his CPA license and formed Pruitt Prep CPA, LLC.

He has been married for 11 years to a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, who has her own successful private practice. Together, they have a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. He initially implemented the Pruitt Prep Profitable Performance Playbook within his wife’s practice, and due to this experience, along with the numerous other six-figure practices he advises, he truly understands the challenges Mental Health Professionals face in business, life, and finances.

Fun fact: Alan owns over 52 watches!

As a Senior Tax Manager, Tammoria brings 20 years of experience running a tax firm and utilizing her strategic mindset to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving tax landscape. With a proven track record of successfully managing and optimizing tax strategies, she is dedicated to providing clients with expert guidance and ensuring their compliance and tax savings. Her commitment to excellence and passion for finding innovative solutions makes her a trusted leader in driving financial success for our clients within the competitive tax arena.

Fun facts: She absolutely loves crabs and a good seafood boil plus has a love for all things travel!! It doesn't matter if it is by car, plane, train, cruise ship, yacht, or boat. Plus, she's really big on girl trips and women's gatherings. In her downtime, She enjoys creating decorative tumblers and planning events!

Tammoria Williams-Moore

Senior Tax Manager

Krystle Boyd, EA

Krystle oversees tax compliance, minimizes liabilities, and provides strategic tax guidance for the business.

Fun Fact: She is from a very small town called Forest City, Arkansas and the population is under 15,000 and always has been!

Kenya has seven years of experience in content marketing and social media strategy, and is excited to join the team at Pruitt Prep CPA! She has her Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Oregon and also studied at Southern University and A&M college during undergrad. She is passionate about helping brands build and grow their social media presence, and building relationships throughout the process!

Fun fact: Kenya has a twin!

Kenya Spears

Brand Experience Manager

Katherine "Shaey" Sales

Executive Operations Manager

Katherine Sales is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and is now working towards her CPA title. She is also an NC III Bookkeeping holder and has experience working in a consulting firm. She helps with the day-to-day operations of the business and attends to the clients' needs.

Fun fact: Her childhood dream was to become a cashier in a supermarket!

Glen supports clients with business formations, reinstating forfeited business formations, reinstating forfeited businesses, S-Corp applications, and Remittance of Franchise and Sales taxes (all things tax-related!). She also assists in the preparation of filing of tax returns as well.

Fun fact: Most people hate the rain, but she loves it. She even loves walking in the rain (the raindrops on her umbrella sound calming to her)!

Glenice "Glen" Acenas

Accounting Specialist

Jinella Regalado

Admin Specialist

As an administrative specialist, Jinella is the organizational backbone that ensures seamless operations and exceptional client experiences. With a keen eye for detail and strong multitasking abilities, she manages day-to-day tasks efficiently, from scheduling appointments and coordinating meetings to maintaining client records. Her dedication to providing reliable administrative support contributes to the smooth functioning of the firm, allowing our tax professionals to focus on delivering top-notch services to our valued clients.

Fun facts: Jinella would love to own a farm just to take care of animals of any kind. Also, she'd love to have a bunch of cats there too!

Christelle handles the monthly bookkeeping and bookkeeping clean-ups of clients. She is also tasked with the initial tax return preparation and review.

Fun fact: She's a picky eater, and doesn't eat beef!

Christelle Tolentino

Admin Specialist

Ariane Castillon

Bookkeeping Specialist

Ariane is a seasoned bookkeeping specialist who brings a wealth of expertise in managing financial records. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every financial transaction is accurately recorded and organized, enabling seamless tax preparation processes. Backed by years of experience, she is committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure the financial health and success of your business.

Fun fact: Van life is on her bucket list!

As an accomplished accounting specialist, Abie leverages her proficiency in financial analysis and meticulous record-keeping to provide invaluable support to our clients. With a deep understanding of tax codes and regulations, she is committed to optimizing financial strategies that align with each client's unique goals. Her dedication to accuracy and ability to navigate complex financial landscapes makes her an essential asset in ensuring our clients' financial success. She is passionate about delivering comprehensive solutions that empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial aspirations

Fun fact: She can take your money at a karaoke contest!

Abie De Mesa

Accounting Specialist

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